Peter CottonTale


[Verse 1: Jamila Woods]
They wanna see me angry
They wanna see me bear my teeth, yeah
I'm a stovetop, baby
I smile in your face, but the oven’s on high
(Don't get burned)
I told you that I meant it
I'm reclusive, I sleuthed it
I already know what you’re thinkin' 'bout me

[Pre-Chorus: Jamila Woods]
(Are you mad?) Yes, I'm mad
(What make you mad?) I don't f**kin' know

You should tell me so, you done done it
(Ooh-ah, ooh-ah)
(Are you mad?) Yes, I'm mad
(What make you mad?) I can't recall
I plead the fifth, writing’s on the wall
(Ooh-ah, ooh-ah)

[Chorus: Jamila Woods]
After, after all
These teeth are not employed
You can’t police my joy, no
After, after all
My smile is not employed
You can't police my joy, no
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