Peter CottonTale

"All That*"

[Intro: Choir & Children's Choir]
Come turn up, it's time for all that
Here we go for all that
(We are the lamb)
All that (We are the lamb), all that

[Chance the Rapper & Choir]
For thirty minutes, don't touch that dial
Don't interrupt right now (All that)
Tell Mama, "Fall back," 'cause another "All That"
Comin' up right now
Tee hee I like to laugh
Hide the remote right under the cat
Hide my homework inside the dog
[???] way better than math

[Chorus: Choir & Children's Choir]
Oh, all
All, all that (We are the lamb), all that
This is all that

[Mr_Hotspot & Children's Choir]
Let me see you, ooh, woo, ooh, let me see you
Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah, let me see you, ooh, ooh, ooh
All that, all that
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