Peter CottonTale

"Crowd Roars"

Tell my brothers we was comin', tell my brothers we was (Gotta' tell my brothers)
Dee Mac, turn me up
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Nick, you're stupid
Go, go, go, go (Let's get it, let's get it, let's get it, let's get it)
Hmm, hmm

[Chorus: TyFontaine]
Told my brothers, we was throwin' up and never comin' down
High as a b*t*h can, yeah, hear the cash loud
My heart slowed, yeah, I know my mama proud
Saying I changed, but you changed, you was not around
Had to go get it, I do it
Had to go get it, go do it
Had to go get it, go prove it (Hey, hey, hey, hey)
Had to go get it, I'm booted (Hey, hey, hey, hey)
Head on my feet, had to go get to this cheese
And get up the steeze, hey, lil' boy, you done made it (Hey, hey, hey, hey)

[Verse: 10k.Caash & TyFontaine]
Standin' up tall with my back against the wall
Know we get it all, all my n***as know it's ball
Da-da-da-da-da-da, don't ignore my call
Yea-yea-yea-yea, you can get it all
Yeah, I got a lot of bread, I will never fold
Been through it all, yeah, we always stand tall
Switch my swag, I'm ruthless
Pick up the bag, and move it
I walk in the bank, go stupid (Huh?)
Diamonds they hittin', go stupid (Go!)
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