Peter CottonTale

"Crazy Love"

[Intro: Thutmose]

[Pre-Chorus: Thutmose]
Lately, I've been runnin' from my fears
But to who do I run to?
I've been bit by paranoia, yes
Is it true? Can I trust you? (Yeah)

[Chorus: Thutmose]
Left me all by myself, feels like I'm goin' crazy
I'm left all by myself, feels like I'm goin' crazy
Are you down? (Down)
Tell me, baby, are you down? (Down)

[Verse 1: Thutmose]
I really woulda died for you
I really woulda died for you
Does that make you uncomfortable?
Is my love too unbearable?
For the pain, it ain't salable (Salable)
But you know you ain't available (Uh)
You probably hangin' out in Malibu
I promise I'm not mad at you
I'd tell the whole world how I feel if I still had you
Uh, I wanna watch Friends on the weekends (Yeah)
Trade my whole life and go vegan (Uh)
Travel the world and find a meaning
And wait to say "I love you" and tell you I ain't leaving
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