Peter CottonTale


[Produced by MF Love]

He should try enjoying life, rather than spending his time trying to outsmart me. While he's alive, that is
I know what you're saying but it's not that simple, it's just human nature
What's that guy doing, I wonder?

[Verse 1]
I still got orange and white cassette tapes
Tents where my neighbors came to spectate
n***as that's tough now used to get little in the dark
It's all cool now, we're all little kids at heart

Accident prone Chance, y'all remember 'bout
The time I cracked my head open at Auntie Linda's House?

From diapers to outfits to castles to Elmos
From Santas to Grandmas to Gameboys and cell phones

Rocked your world, fourth grade talent show
Jada and Justin's birthday magic show

Games of tips taking n***as to school
Two quarters and I'll bust your ass at pool, on bull
Round here we lose best friends like every week
I like to think we playin' a long game of hide and go seek
And one day maybe I'ma find Terrance and I could lead them

Kids of the Kingdom singing 'bout freedom

Heads down, eyes shut, time to play Seven Up
Heads bowed, hands clutched, bottles gone, Heavens up

Smile comes through, though my eyes might cry
When they reminisce over you, my God

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