Peter CottonTale

"Mo’ Purrp"

[Produced by Chris Calor]

[Hook: Kembe X]
I got ten hoes on ten hoes
Been throwed off indo
The Benzo's a fishbowl, no tints on my windows
Gettin' chose by them hoes
My sis knows from En Vogue
These blunts can't get no bigger
I'm doing hoodrat sh*t with my n***as x2

[Verse 1: Alex Wiley]
44's I'm tippin', big blunts I'm splittin'
These b*t*hes be bitter, heard me spit, now she strippin'
Cause this Village sh*t too hittin', and you know we gon' grind
In your lovely crib with your lovely b*t*h, but I hope you don't mind
Cause I'm ridin' 'round with my d**k out, Toyota Prius is tricked out
Yo' grandmama taking me shopping, she's buying whatever I picked out
And you know The Village gon' stick out like a sore thumb, b*t*h I'm goin' dumb
Hotboxing the whip, ain't stoppin' for sh*t
When you hear the f**ks, then you know what's up
You ain't down with that money team!
10 Honda Civics, parked outside

f**k Whoopie G for 100 Gs? Hit me up, Whoopie, I'm 'bout that life
'Bout that life, thick than a motherf**kin' Snicker
All I wanna do every day of my life is hoodrat sh*t with my n***as
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