Peter CottonTale

"Remember Me"

Leather cords


[KAMI: Verse 1]
Why life so scary
Live fast die like the old b*t*h weary
Sip the bloody mary til the boogie man catch ya
Leather cords hot like that ozone issue
Say money more money need militia
Hard life feelings, soft as tissue
We them Jay-Z interviews, scratch that we a Jaye interlude
But f**k that enjoy your dinner food
And it’s f**k that again while we in the nude
Bless ya don’t measure
We don’t want problems just need they attention
Only way to kill a killer, kill him in the sleep, sleep
Snakes still slither when the grass cut creep
Young thug I ain't ever been no b*t*h
I can get it all with a flick of a wrist

Don’t think about it
Go get em, it’s yours
The world
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