Peter CottonTale

"Prom Night"

[Produced by Dj Such n Such, Prince Talent, and THEMPeople]

[Verse 1]
Charlie Bartlett, John Bender
Class switcher, time bender

Chance Bennett, a peculiar name
Graduation night teachers Ferris Bueller'd my name
You made a mixtape? Good job, I hope you get a good job
We was all outcasts, only listened to Good Mob
I performed at fun fair, fun fact
I'm never going back to school, been there, done that
They see my little 10 Day tape and my dumb raps
Don't call it impossible, if you really want that
They send my ass to summer school, don't call it a comeback
I just came to beat a bully's ass and get my lunch back

Chano y tequila, you know you know you don't want that
I rap my songs in Spanglish, I wrap my weed in blunt wraps
Wrapped up in this one line I hope that sh*t get unwrapped
As if n***as was getting signed off of a line off one rap

Yo Vic, remember when they called us some freshmen n***as rapping?
Now I ain't gonna be a freshman and I'm rapping
I should've learned a lesson from all of this sh*t happening

I just look over to Justin for refreshments of the Captain
It's sipping when it's weak sauce, it's shots if it's cracking
Sip it when we tear up, and chug it if we laughing

f**k it if we're f**ked up I never thought of Chatham
Until the day they said I would have to chat without 'em

And I'm just in the studio hoping that it sounds right
Here's a brighter bulb for your limelight
And this is your night, homie, shine bright
This for everybody's f**king prom night

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