Peter CottonTale

"14,400 Minutes"

[Produced by DJ SuchNSuch]

Yep, igh, igh, igh

I got suspended, ooh, you got suspended
For chiefin' a hunnid blunts, 14,400 minutes

Fans all in the stands, they hands for Mr. Bennett
That racket over the net, ooh, give me my tennis
give me a minute, ooh, I can't be tardy
My class is already started, they told my mom I'm retarded

But that 10 Day done in one night, Honda from a Hyundai
No tassel in the spring, but after summer I'm alumni
They took my n***a one night, and I was standing right there
An inch away from Heaven, a million songs from right here

A step away from South by, a swing away from Cali
A hook away from verses, I'm a dad away from rapping
So at the school they arrested him, back seat, squad car, nestled in
Shouts to the b*t*h n***a Heselton
Wit' his Big Show body ass wrestlin'
Finna see the 10 Day Pestilence, so far, so good, so special and
No stars, good jobs, or excellents
And I'm still so f**king nonchalant

Ooh, you got suspended, ooh, you not gon' finish
Ooh, you look familiar, ooh, you look like Kenneth
Damn they gon' resent it, ooh, you representin'
A class of bad kids, 14,400 minutes, ahh

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