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Devin The Dude


[Intro: Silk-E]

[Verse 1: Too Short]
If you ain't busy later on, I'mma play a new song
You could sing along, and if you say it's too long
I'mma put the tip in -- it won't go too deep
I'm sure it's everything you always hoped it would be
Last year, the time wasn't right for us
But now, I can't fight the lust
I wanna be all alone with you
So we can do everything the song says to

[Verse 2: Silk-E]
Walk up and kiss my shoulder
Whisper something sweet in my ear
Tell me, boy, that I need to know
Promise I never bore ya
Got that special place for ya
Can you be the reason I grow

[Hook: Silk-E]
Got a stress-free zone when you wanna come see me
Got a honeycomb hideout -- wanna come meet me?
Cause I feel you tingling in my bones
Cause I love when your number go across my phone

[Verse 3: Too Short]
Take a little sip, have a little smoke
Listen to the music and take it real slow
Ain't no rush, we waited this long
For the moment, the right day to get it on
I see it in your eyes, you're surprised
Never would have thought I would be this size
I'm in between your thighs, now you realize
This is what we doing for the rest of our lives

[Verse 4: Silk-E]
Me and my dude used to fight about it
All night I knew something wasn't right about it
That's why you can't settle in with anybody
So now I'm cool
Didn't call, trying to keep a low on the drama
Unfinished business, so I know I'm glad I found ya
Plus I'm a big girl and I wanna show what I can do


[Verse 5: Too Short]
What's up, baby? I wanna f*ck with you
I wanna hold you close and touch you too
Back then, we ain't have much to do
But things change, and now we stuck like glue
Used to love him, now you don't trust that dude
You with me every day, so it must be true
It's the game -- can't be real without it
If you choose it, tell me how you feel about it

[Outro: Silk-E]
I want you in my zone now, baby come see me
On my way to the hideout
Won't you please hold me close
Take everything but my business just to f*ck with you

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