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The Game

"New York"

(Demon Voice)
New Jersey Devil

(the game)
Yeah muthaf**kers
It's the muthaf**kin Game
Gu, gu,...gu,gu,gu,gu, G-Unit

I got a hundred guns and a hundred clips
n*gga I'm in New York (New York)
Wit a hundred Bloods and a hundred Crips
Whenever I'm in New York (New York)
I got a hundred guns and a hundred clips n*gga, I'm in New York (New York)
Ride wit a hundred Bloods and a hundred Crips
Whenever I'm in New York (New York)

Everybody wanna know why he got beat
'Cause in my dreams I talked to 'Pac and B.I.G
Got on the plane hopin that the NYC
It's me behind these bars like Chi-Ali
n*ggas want me to D-i-e
Been there done that
Woke up from a coma on 3 IV's
Eyes on the thrown, somebody in my seat
Fiddlin with rap like Miri Ben-ari
I scoop up squares, drive thru the Bronx and get Jada on the phone
My next stop is Yonkers
After that its Harlem, why?
'Cause im a certified gangsta
And Jim Jones' throwin a Blood party
Red bandanas from 93rd to 115th and Lennex
It's the sequel to Menace
Oh Lord he then went "Oh dog"
Made 50's beef his and knocked 'em both off

New aftermath chain on, master bling
Stones yellow and black he a Latin King
Mela mak king ton efala se mon
Translation: I get money off ringtones
King Blood, even though I used to sling drugs when i see snoop he tell me "Keep doin your thing 'cause"
I do it because I love it
Do it for the n*ggas that don't know the difference between 'Chuck Taylors' and chuckers
I'm a gangsta tell Remi Martin I wanna f**k her
Thats what I call a championship game out in ruckers
Ja rule want beef, change the subject
You ain't got no stars like the flag of the Dominican Republic
After Angie's show I was fiendin to get a bus
And catch a cab to Housten and ask any n*gga hustlin
I ain't got to live in New York all my life to know the A and D train go to Washington Heights

Left the VMA awards, went back to the hood
Streets is talkin, Game got slapped by suge
False, I was face to face wit him
Media wanna criticize the game
Like he had Ma$e wit him
He a hood n*gga that ain't ever try to snake n*ggas
Walk thru the 5 boroughs never had jake with him
Bake it any way you want, ain't no cupcake in him
Even Diddy know, I make the city glow
Never had an album, never had his own video
I was sellin crack while Ja was watchin 50 blow
White tee shirt, converse and my di*kies on
Signed wit Dre recorded 150 songs
Now the f**kin hip hop police hatin
Tryin to run me outta New York like Anthony Mason
n*gga I'll come and erase you
Only n*gga from california
That'll come from the tongue wit a race


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