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The Game

"Take A Bow"

Life gorgeous is looking good right now
Back in the days it wasn't like this
I didn't have ..
So I skip class every single morning
Had to get to .. robbing niggers
Robbing ATM machines doing everything for the cash
Even hit the .. cause I didn't give a ..
Niggers tried to jump me .. to the side doors
God Damn it what is it for
..just give me a minute
You'll be on profit


Is a blessing I am here now
Learn a lesson should been gone

Thank God you save me (repeat)
Cause I lay my head down to sleep (repeat)
I pray to Lord I saw you ..

This is real that's how I feel
Think otherwise you are a mother fucking dick head
…that's how I rip and I dip with your chips
.. that was the homie lost with the times
.. no father figure .. but they made me a winner
Used to be s inner now I am the level ..
God is my weapon …


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