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"Save The Last Dance (For Someone Who Cares)"

Intro[CHEZ]: Yea... Sound like some Puff & Mase sh*t
Yea so shawty what you wanna do is , you know, like me and my friends
Can get with you and your friends, have a pot party and be freak friends

Can you dig it choosey lover? Choosey b*tches choose Chez. And MILFS like you choose chez too f*ck JIF

Verse 1[CHUUWEE]: Chez be the one come through in new shoes
Keep it realer than most kuz thats all i know how to do

Ho ass n*ggas they approach looking confused
Don't test me homie I'm in a very cool mood

A very cool dude , these other n*ggas like to rock heavy on the jewels
But I'm heavy with the tools of the trade

In the studio with very little dudes
And a fleet of hoes happy by my every single move

You n*ggas all mad they would never be with you
But moms like her choose JIF and Jimmy Choo's

And choose Chuuwee he got jimmy big as the moon
I walk into the saloon its off with her doubloons

Smooth Criminal bet it's been a long minute
Since somebody did it real as this, don't act timid ]

I'm bout it like No Limit and no b*tch in me at all
Off Stockton talking em out they draws

Chorus x2: Champagne Flutes , suits and Louis dreams
In the spotlight everything is never what it seems

In the limelight full of broken promise and esteem
And dead dreams everything is never what it seems

Verse 2: So it seems all the cool kids LRG Jeans
At The prom with they bow-ties and laser Jordan 3's

The good ol' days that i had at Kennedy
Till my mom had me transferred too many enemies

The same guys lie reside at Florin High
Where it's 5 times worse the things that money buy

They either all swallowing pills and getting high
Or they think they all Lebron James in '05

You know those guys who boast and raise toast
Kuz mom's and pop's at the crib

Sitting on Beamer & Benz with the rims size swollen
Lil n*gga you ain't holding i see how you be bogus

I kept it too trill fake jays scuffed shoes
Same jeans for the majority of the school year

That ain't what i do hear i used school to hustle
n*ggas was gettin' pretty while i was just gettin' money



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