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[Hook: T3]
And they say, we carnivores
Been raised by wolves
No complaints
It made us us
No praise just breaks and hooks
Hustling n*ggas yea we out to stack
Get that money then double it back
Hustling n*ggas yea we out to stack
Get that money then double it

[Verse 1: Young RJ]

Muy...... Grande/cudjo of tha pack
Black suits reservoir dogs shovels in the back
Digga ditch quicker dont let that liquor get u exposed
Or feel that heat n*gga 500 on the stove
Dont make me go in beastmode Benicio
Lyrical Wes Craven so official
Can't stop it, its new 2 u so foreign
Seventh Son stay shining/ Jack Torrence
Slice ya spleen like a wolverine flee the scene like
Will Randall walkin with a guillotine scream
If u wanna it just make my adrenaline rush
Ima life editor...predator
Meet the messenger that ain't no metaphor
Leave u needin medical attention lookin pitiful
Beast with the beats on these streets J Incredible
Throw u 2 the dogs let them feast on ya skeletal


[Verse 2.1 :T3]
Mine is loin with a electrical void of appliance half live half dead frankstein science
Dissect it, still don't know what i am, more like spirt of detroit in climate in rhymes
Survived when I dived I was in the great lakes, never drowning I knew how work with my surroundings
n*gga's got to see I'm astounding, I'm a downers , over bullsh*t walk on type rope and still new balanced do what I do thats challenge n*gga's f*ck with me on this planet
It ain't all smoke and phone cameras
It all good Its outlandish ,n*gga's straight they slanted, these a friends they addicts , this ain't how I feel it , its basic mechanics
Brave hearted,when with the will from the dearly departed,yeah we got it nailed its the pros against the novice,yeah we eating well from the scales against carcass

[Verse 2: Havoc]
Money all kinda ways
Hating n*ggas looking at the kid sideways
Cause everyday like a friday
So f*ck em all what i say
Long as the pies made everything hi grade
Ak arms reach wherever i lay
I'm dat n*gga what you trying say
We can make it happen hadle that right away
I ain't trying to let the beef linger none
Get up on you i ain't have to lift a finger son
Show you how to bleed a lung
Send you to the essence see you son
A long kiss goodnight, n*ggas curios i show you what it look like
What it cook like all day hood life
n*ggas money missing homie get ya books right


[Verse 3: Illa J]
You can’t find another n*gga that’s braver than me never
Ain’t a n*gga hotter than me, even with three sweaters
Get as much nookie as I got as a rookie with these clever
Lines that I spit like darts
So psycho on the microphone now I wake up like
Why did I bite this shark? Rip it apart?
And why did I light this spark in the middle of the day
And why didn’t I wait till dark?
‘Cause I am a beast and I’m on the feast
I came to eat your heart
What the f*ck is this
Hannibal Lector, cannibalistic sh*t that I’m f*cking with
Now the microphone so hot I need an oven mitt
Rewind my verse to the top
I know ya loving it
There’s no way that I can stop, I gotta keep it going
Till I feel that I am killing it
And if I’m not I gotta start rewriting it
Go under my hood and start rewiring
And all you loose screws getting fired
And I hope it’s understood we not rehiring
You might as well just go and get a job at Coney Island
While I vacation in Ireland

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