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"My Style Is Fly"

[Verse 1: Jazzlib]
Hello, how do you do
From me to you
Coming with the funky, fresh, and brand new
True to the game
I include my name
To the top five
I'm live and worldwide
Step to the side while I ride the bass drum
Cocaine flow that get your whole face numb
You wanna taste some
When I come back from Paris
I be chilling in the place I'm from
(Where's that)
West side, n*ggas ride, n*ggas die
Not a lot of room for suckas
The motherf*cking home of the OG
Gangster capital
First n*ggas rapping 'bout f*ck the police
But where the wine though, I used to be a wino
I used to be signed to Deelycious vinyl
I read my own contract
Don't need no attorney
So all that bullsh*t don't concern me

[Hook: Jazzlib]
Can't no body do it better than me
See I be the one called F-A-T
To the L-I-P
My style is fly
Ain't a reason to ask why

[Verse 2: Fatlip]
I'm amped
The champ's up
Thought I got knocked down in the last round
Heavy weight title
(?) when you hear this year's idol
You'll be suicidal
Kill it softly with a flow that's off the chain
You thought I fell off but I still remain
Hold my own, choose not to build with the cornerstone
You mind's weak like the member of a cult
And as a result
You insult the intelligence of an adult
With your b*tch made, bubble gum, 5th grade
Lyrics that couldn't cut it with a switchblade

[Outro: Fatlip]
So you know
I came all the way out here from L.A. man
Chilling with my peoples man
The Jazz Liberators man
Hell of a collaboration you know
Once again
Its your boy Fatlip
With the Jazz Liberators
Liberating the world of music
With the jazz
That hip-hop yall

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