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"Interlude Type of sh*t"

Yelling "707" and i keep representin'
It's the HideandSeekZoo, somethin you shouldn't mess with
It's that kick back sound and The Town is where it's at
And I stay spittin' raps and one wicked ass cat
So f*ck y'all punchliners and so called "Rhymers"
Stepping up to me, but I think they need a reminder
To stay with their lips locked, if they ain't making real hip-hop
I formulate clouds now it's overcast when my sh*t drops
b*tch whassup? I don't give a f*ck, I've had enough
And I turn the other cheek to this pen when the going gets tough
Yeah, and that's the way I do my rhyming
No north or south siding, HideandSeek but we ain't hiding
Residing inside the needs that it takes to make a rap career
While you try to sound like the rappers you kicked last year
Got that "sh*t I'm hella high" type of flow
You should already know, if you got trees to blow
Then that's just how it goes
It's that Siete Cero Siete

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