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[Intro: Sample]

[Verse 1 - Deacon the Villain]
I remember as youngin'
Slummin' with my crusaders
Garcia Vegas, burglarizing neighbors for Segas
Lil schemers, countin' Beemers, Benzes & Acuras
It's tough to count blessings when battlin' Count Dracula
Life's fangs'll drain yo blood in floods
Can't wade in that water because of rogue scuds
Role models taught us you oughta just roll up
In life there's no love whatever yo role was
Find wealth
No need to find self
Stand in line until you find your spot on a shelf
Don’t mean to sound cold, got my soul singing baritone
Feelin' down low
To think
Of those in this winter with no mink, or folk
Weathering this desert with no drink to cope
Some chain smoke with no link or hope
Just dope, tree and a rope

[Bridge - Deacon the Villain x2]
You are the living truth of life ooh ooh
The fastest can’t run from who they are
I’d run from self but no man can run that far

[Verse 2 - Toby]
Turn the page, eventually I hit a certain age
Learn that all the freedom was worthless when you’re afraid
Success can often be a perfect cage
Searching for a way to stay the same while the world will change
A prisoner, trapped in the regret
Cuz the ego can’t keep up if they happen to reject it
Sometimes you want so bad to be respected
Goin’ after it ‘til you’ve left your happiness neglected
I’ve seen the weakness in grown men
Playing games with their pain, they cheat but they don’t win
Seen ‘em feed the needle deep into their own skin
Tryna find a fleeting bit of peace in that moment
More success to fix what’s left
Take an even bigger risk like after this I’ll rest
Til he painted with the razor on his wrist a red
The color of lips, pucker up it’s the kiss of death

[Verse 3 - Natti]
I’m Bustin’ Loose, no Wilder, just a Pryor
And that debt was paid in spades and barbed wire
Later use eyes to weigh and move fire
Then moved crowds in wades with hellfire
Meet a fan, kick it witcha, take a picture
Sign both titties and give a pound to your mister
It’s been real
Realer than steel I’da grabbed before I picked up a pen and a pad
sh*t, it’s been chill
Chiller than the look in the eye of a junkie when he’s looking to buy looking to fly
Pyrex on the good eye of a broke stove
Pyramid of cans, tin foil with poke holes
Soft white girl break your nose and gets harder
Revenge of the Caine , the original Get Carter
Take your favorite star, make him into a martyr
Life ain’t Trending, it’s ending
See farther

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