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"Camouflage Dons"

Wolves out, baby

[Verse 1: Smif-n-Wessun]
My barrel lean like thorazine
Dream like Reverend King, cream like Medellín
Cartel sparked well, y'all in the mezzanine
Swimming at the shot ball, shot bars, guillotine
A hundred on the dart boards, dark on the big machine
Blowing at your entourage, whole squad wolverines
Camouflage dons, spits hella steam, prophesize, we monopolize
Gotta get the green
Backs in my nap sack, roll up a swisher sweet, light a spliff
Life's a b*tch, freaking off with the team
All the sh*t I've seen, probably should be dead now
f*ck the zombies, smoke the bong, it's weed to the head now
It's the semi-auto blowing through your audio
My n*ggas press you and leave you in the poorest mode
Known movements, this reality music, the gun law is; if you got one, you better use it
Listen, A and B convos, C your way out before D jump over E
And F you up like a G so play silly, feel a 9 milly
Acting like you 'bout this life beef for really
Face fighting, wanna steal, y'all n*ggas kill me
Deer gang, 215, it's Gucci Philly, it's Louis Loaf with the smoke that beats that
Camouflage dons, Zombies, Statik Selekt
If you send shots, we blowing off limbs
No sublims, don't get it twisted, we not them
It's a new wave, NWA, take it how you want it, and it's all I got to say

[Verse 2: Meechy Darko & Zombie Juice & Both Meechy & Juice]
The fame ain't changed Meech, I still don't f*ck with you, n*ggas
I still be on the streets, I still scream f*ck religion
I ain't scared of beef, got beef get put on a skillet
You bigots are non-existent so f*ck all my competition, hold up
Hoes haze, no competition, your mortal vision's sacrilegious spittinng vivid pictures
Smoking with the same n*ggas Montana flow
Whiter than the white cops that shot the kid on my block

I'm from a place where we want it, we take it
Gold teeth, two foes
Trapping in the basement
Two freaks, one Meech, it's threesomes in the AM
Take a whiff, pure sh*t, four blunts in one b*tch
Bodies in the basement
Homicide cases
Prophesize about multiplying pot like we makers
Hater, you ain't on like the Lakers
I know I'm wrong but we don't go back to slave ships
Smif-n-Wesson, one bullet

Your pick
Third leg, I be putting it in your b*tch
Rhyme like Life After Death had a fourth disk
Rhyme like All Eyez On Me times four sh*t
Park place, sheet pins, smoking at the ball game
Scott bucks up top only when the Knicks play

Smif-n-Wesson 500, OG and a switch blade
Before you cross a dead motherf*cker, look both ways
Motherf*cker, look both ways
Motherf*cker, look both ways

[Outro: Sample]
Camouflage dons, camouflage dons

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