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"All In Together"

[Verse 1: Torae]
With all due respect, I barely respect n*ggas
Nike sweat suit, I'm ready to check n*ggas
Give 'em scarf work, I'm all on your neck n*gga
Sway the revolution by waving the Tech n*gga
Wake Up Show
Still sleep, time to wake up though
You might see me with the mac, but it ain't makeup yo
I make up flows, to cake up and make up mo'
Stay low so the jake don't know
Bae bro, this heat take
Time to make sure that the street straight
Lock it down on the release date
Bury the beat breaks
Heavy on the beat until the beat breaks
Bag a bad b*tch and beat brakes
Double entendres
Barrel brothers is double the monsters
With Random Axe added, it's bonkers
We body your roster
In broad daylight
Tell 'em "rockabye baby" until they all get the concept

[Verse 2: Guilty Simpson]
Chip off the old block, a great shot
From right here, I can pick off your whole block
Pick off my old knot
My pocket is a dead president's cemetery
I get your buried and I still pistol carry
It goes without saying, I'm spraying at n*ggas who change clothes
Used to keep work with one my main hoes
Then I had to dump her and grind it all summer
Your frontrunners turn gum-bumpers
My gun slump ya and leave you in a slum dumpster
My understanding is zero, try to play hero
I'll point a desert eagle at your ego
That's just me though
Squeeze the hammer when I see a vandal
And beat enamel off his teeth with the heater handle
f*ck around and violate the squad, I'ma buck 'em down
Who got the muscle now?

[Hook: Skyzoo]
All in together now
It's whatever now
Jordan 3s and 'lo knit sweaters now
Know the league is ours like forever now
50-40 and 90 if you let us now (x2)

[Verse 3: Skyzoo]
Moncler skully is fitting me like a crown
I'm all year money so this isn't coming down
The talk here is funny, I'm listening for them now
We all here hungry but sh*t if they want a round
Now, do believe I'm true indeed the 2 to 3
Shuttlesworth and I'm Buttersworth on a shooting spree
Sharp-shooter, park shooters, move the Cs
Get it? Shuttlesworth? Part seas?
Are we to end at the same dot?
The throne for the crate, I'll slip you a straight swap
Man down, kudos and you know
You stand up with me
You standing next to the Pharrell like a Hugo
And for this new wave that's all swinging for mine
I was probably hitting your moms and penning your rhymes
I can't lie if seen me in and out of your place
I should've stuck to my gut and let it rock in her face
Now pay homage

[Verse 4: Sean Price]
All praises due
Respect that, sket clap, Sean shady too
P, shake sucka the shiggety salt shaker
Not conducive to big words like Walt Frazier
I'm more major but I'm minor to Ebro
Touring all the time, what the f*ck does he know?
10% bloodsucker of the poor
I'll untuck the gun, buck the sucker on the floor
I don't like boy rappers
All marked for death like the white boy Hatcher
I'm no racist so white boy rappers is good money
Look I just despise toy rappers
Sean is the sh*t
The sh*t Sean spit is legit
Legitimate bars, pa you a ignorant b*tch
Hip hop hooray
Be happy a n*gga here for hip hop today

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