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"Dope sh*t"

[Verse 1: Asher Roth]
What up world? Finally here
Let me roll you up a joint while you grab us a beer, for real
I feel like things been getting a bit weird
And so I've got a bone to pick with all the music I hear
Amongst all the marketing schemes
I try my hardest to embark within the artist in me
Wear my heart on my sleeve, play my part on the beat
And when I'm on, the other stars find it hard to compete
But all the jargon gets bombarded makes it harder to keep
Going on with what I started, feel I've fallen effete
Cause what they want is just a product, sing a song about weed
Being blunt or being honest doesn't sell CD's
But see, I've been loving titties and such
But there's so much I'd rather talk about than being a drunk
Skinny dippin' with some women real thin with the bud
Is way more interestin' to listeners, I guess it's because

[Hook: Asher Roth]
See that underground sound radio don't play
So today to be a star you've gotta look both ways
They want that dope sh*t, dope sh*t, dope sh*t
And I'm here
They say they want that dope sh*t, dope sh*t, dope sh*t
Well alright, but they want something more commercial
Well alright
Now see that underground sound radio don't play
So today to be a star you've gotta look both ways
They want that dope sh*t, dope sh*t dope sh*t
And I'm here

You know the bright stars, lovely chicks
Party scenes, all the fans and sh*t
Less street talk and some politics
Are you in touch what's happening? Alright
[We got it for you, it's the dope sh*t]
Alright, well alright, well okay

[Verse 2: Asher Roth]
It's all nonsense
As long as we believe it we'll continue to be heavenly incompetent
Its all profit
As long as they're controlling our thoughts they're calling the shots, it's obvious
With no options
We turn on the television but all it tells is to listen to gossip
They're all monsters
Convincing you they're living under the bed or even in the closet
But they're in our work, in our church, in our conscience
And in our schools, in our rules, in our congressmen
Confused use god defense
But how soon we find out even God's with them
My god your god who's side you with?
My god's your god two sides of sin
Common sense, not science of rocket ship
That's why I dream, step to a new consciousness
In my dream slept with the new concept and
Speak through, seek truth, think positive
Do concerts connect with an audience
And tell the whole world direct that we all in this
Our fault our fathers had started this
To all y'all yo we all got a part in this
When it's all said and done put my heart in this
And then still find time for some party sh*t

[Hook: Asher Roth]

[Outro: Asher Roth]
I'm feeling pretty good right now, you know?
Just got some sh*t off my chest, right
You know I'm all for some good music and some chillin' and some vibin' out
I think it's only appropriate that we breaking it down
But right now we're here for the fabulous 1500 or Nothin'

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