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"Who's Crazy"

[Hook (x2): scratches]
Crazy Hood Productions
Putting it down
Straight like that
Who's crazy?

[Verse 1: Troy Ave]
All black, Nike sweatsuit on
I'm now hoop on, I'm about to get my shoot on
n*ggas violate, it's only right we demonstrate
A fool ain't a fool, we eat them up like dinner plates
Over paper, pull the plastic
Featherhead trigger when I blast it
Another bird ass n*gga son turned bast*rd
Said it ain't serious, to me, sh*t's drastic
I'm from a crazy hood, my reaction be crazier
Won't explain to ya, just run down and bang on ya
Two to the chest, one to the head
Don't blame the shooter, fault the motherf*cker that's dead
Like, what did he do to deserve all that?
Funeral service, mom's in the church all black
Nine out of ten times, they the cause and the reason
I don't make the rules, I just play harder err' season

[Hook (x2): scratches]

[Verse 2: Scarface]
You're blind to what you don't see
Ignorance is blessing
The n*ggas gon' be mad as f*ck when they wake up
How much of our time will it take us?
It's like the '60's all over
Catch a n*gga sleeping, pita roller
Hunted like we're animals and shot dead
It's crazy in the hood but I'm not scared
It's evident that the evidence
That was captured on the camera was irrelevant
Get the dogs, get the taze out
f*ck a n*gga, blow his goddamn brains out
Same sh*t, different city
I'm revealing, that the reason that they're f*cking with me
Wise up to the plot
They're targeting the youth and just about to wipe our ass out

[Hook (x2): scratches]

[Verse 3: Stalley]
The law can't save us in our own hood
Walk around hooded down in your own hood
And they run up on you with the pistols out
Should've took a different route, these crackers tryna X us out
But this is home here, we should be able to roam here
With no fear, but it's crazy in the hood
Klan members turn cops, harassing our youth
Got our backs against the wall, hands up, they still shoot
So what we gon' do? Either ride or be quiet
I think there has been peace for too long, let's be violent
Malcolm, Stalin, mixed with Makaveli and front of your precinct
Middle fingers, mac-11's pointed at the law
That's what we think, now who's crazy?
And this momma next to me want to know why you shot her baby
Left him cold in the street, not treating him like a human
So ya pigs get the same treatment, every time we see one of y'all
We shooting

[Hook (x2): scratches]

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