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"I Remember (dublicate)"

Your mother, you f*cking faggot

La da da, da da da, da da (repeated)

Aiyo, this next song is dedicated to the memory of Erik Schrody
Rest in peace, we ain't forget about you, you f*cking homo
We still remember

There once was a man who liked to jump around
But he got too old to jump up and down
So he put the mic down and picked the guitar up
Started singing the blues like there no tomorrow
Left his boys in the house of pain
It was the wisest decision he ever made
But the dumbest thing he could ever do
Was try to buck a .380 on those who act shady
Tell me now what you gonna do

Cause I remember all those years
How it was when you were here
I remember how it was, how it was when you were young
Yesterday was so long ago
Kid Rock and Limp Bizkit came along now
Don't nobody wanna hear your old ass sing no more

I remember back when you had The Knack
And I remember when you had your first heart attack
I was right there laughing when I heard the news
I just wish the cardiac woulda murdered you
Maybe Ice-T's right, you are a b*tch
You come around when you're broke and you leave when you're rich
But the dumbest thing that you could ever do
Was try to buck a .380 on those who act shady
Tell me now what you gonna do


Yo (yo) yo (yo) yo (yo)
Remember back in '94, like right before Ms. Everlast was Whitey Ford
Before his heart attack had him on life support
When House of Pain was out of fame like someone doused the flame
And they became destined to never jump around again
Or even further back, when I first had heard The Knack
And you were down with Syndicate, I went to get your sh*t, man, I was into it
But then you went and took your style and switched the sh*t
Now you sound ridiculous, you di*kless piece of sh*t
How could you dis me, b*tch?
I liked you, thought you was alright for a white dude
Remember Sway and Tech when I came up and sat beside you
Started rhyming, then you left the room and didn't say goodbye or nothing?
Like you mad that someone else was white and tried to rhyme or something
I'm sorry man, I wasn't trying to steal your light or nothing
But you're a homosexual, white rapping Irish [...]
Man I wish I was Irish, I could be a [...] too
Then I'd be confused as you, and I wouldn't know what to do
What's up with you?
I never f*cked with you, why would you f*ck with me?
Knowing I could rap circles around you, what, you as nuts as me?
Plus I can sing better than you and I don't f*cking sing
And probably play guitar better, and I ain't never touched a string
But I ain't mad at you, I'd hate me too if I was you
I'm what you used to be, sh*t you was me in '92
So every time I write a lyric, I'mma think of you
And maybe that will help me know what it's like to sing the blues


You f*ckin punk, pus*y, you f*ckin faggot, sissy, f*ck
And by the way, a .380's a f*ckin sissy gun
If you're gonna shoot somebody use a f*ckin real gun
You little b*tch
Next time say my f*ckin name in a song
Don't be subliminal about it
You wanna f*ckin diss me, diss me you f*ckin faggot
You f*ckin punk, pus*y, you f*ckin little b*tch, f*ckin c*nt

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