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"Lord Have Mercy (instrumental)"

[Verse 1]
The snake bit the child on the hand
The father picked up the snake and cut its head off
The boy stood up, touched the man
Mother saw him touch her husband, started buggin
Grabbed a kitchen knife
Plunged it in her chest just to briefly see the covant
Boy steps over his dying father ti creepily
Stare into the eyes of the child watching on the TV
Kid hids the floor until her epileptic seizure
Leaves ger paramedics follow standard procedure
Dispatch radios, "We got a jumper on the roof."
They pack up drive to the scene and almost hit a youth
Running from three armed teens pulling death from their waist
He dips into an alley, paramedics climb the stair case
Bullets find a place in his back, he pounds the church door
Tires squeel, he falls into police arms, they hit the floor
Jumper looks down at the priest, her toes grip the ledge
She spreads her arms and takes a step after he says


[Verse 2]
The preacher leaves the precinct, signed papers, then prayed soft
Enters the church from the side front entrance taped off
He drops to his knees, reached to the ceiling for forgiveness
In his mind, every child's face he had inflicted his sickness
Turns to a woman crying with a gun to his lid
She pulls the trigger twice then screams, "See if he forgives!"
Runs to her car, ditches the gun in the dumpster
A homeless man picks up the pistol diggin for supper
Cops tell him to drop the weapon, he turns regardless
They shoot up the trash and leave him dead in the garbage
The coroner zips the black bag up over his head
Loads him in the truck, turns to the cops and says


[Verse 3]
Soft sounds of gospel play in the distance
From a radio the coroner surrounded by student physicians
He goes to work, removing lead from the cadaver
The group takes note, returns upstairs shortly after
They joke of how the dead reek with no respect for the deceased
And curse to hell the homeless man who just killed a priest
Double doors slam open and force another episode
Little gamer shot in the chest, enters his health codes
They don't work, he twitches then spits his last breath to
One of the student doctors cryin clutches his nephew
He turns to the TV but can't believe his head
When the boy on the screen holdin a dead snake says


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