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"Feel It In The Air"


Knew this shit was coming man, some things are just avoidable you know. It's to the point where the inevitability is killing me, you know what I'm saying. Fuck am I supposed to do?

This remind me of a winter night
Nevermind it was meant to blind my inner sight
I got my feet in both worlds, that's how I'm living life
Only ?? could be chosen, I'm just hoping that it right
And it feels like some cold wind
To the point that I ain't even comfortable in my own skin
Let it soak in, patience running so thin
Spontaneous explosion from emotions that I hold in
And I can feel it in the air tonight
My brain's infected, infested with them parasites
I'd love to bask in that everlasting light
But I would sacrifice my afterlife to get you to paradise
Cuz the pain is suffocating
Time is up, so why the fuck you waiting
Life called my bluff, all this stuff is changing
And it's killing me cuz the only stability is fluctuation

It's just amazing. It's just amazing man (Yeah I know). I knew it was coming, you know what I'm saying, it's life (Save my soul). Some things are unavoidable in life (I know what you mean). Can't get out of my own ways and shit. My own worst enemy, how you feel about that Coast?


I swear I know it like a bad dream
I try to build off the vision but it's that scene
That keeps playing in my mind and attacks me
Thoughts running through my head like it track me
Fuck the cliché, I don't care what peeps say
Tryna pull that shit back like a DJ
But I ain't listening, maybe they should skip the joint
We all reaching for a grip but what's the point
You should let it go, acting like it's set in stone
Every time I hold a rock it was better thrown
To watch it skip across the tide in the ocean
Signifying life and how it's fading in devotion
And my emotion, you can hear the pain in me
I could lose it but it's something still there straining me
Saying hold on, shit's about to get worse
And that's when you at your best, so let's work


I feel you man. Shout to Taboo and East Coast. What up Coal? What up Raze, Larro, Prophet, Knowmad, Bad Karma, all of Bad Karma man. It's Tones for the kids yo. Vibe with me yo. Shit hurts to speak my heart

I send this one out to children in they prayer
End of the world is coming I can feel it in the air
I try to make them understand but they don't
These little kids got me twisted like a tornado
All races combined in one but I can't define that
Dudes got me confused like listening to my tracks
Never rhyme wack, I hit snare kick a high hat
Close my eyes and drift like I'm tryna bring those times back
From the stoop to the roof as I reach for a star
Fuck an instrumental, rhyme to the beat of my heart
Hear it in my voice like the pain in the tremor
Always Guns N Roses, like rain in November
Last full moon and I'm talking to my brethren
Never forgotten family members lost in 9/11
I speak in similes, they don't understand the metaphor
Wanted it bad before but now nevermore

I can feel it in the air man, every time I close my eyes. It's right there fam. There's now more lies being told. ?? expressing my soul. Put it on the page and then speak it right to your face. Demonstrate the science cuz life got me relying on truth. That's why every time I step in the booth, I represent for my people. Bad Karma, Taboo, East Coast, Buttatones. Twenty-ten, the future. Let's do it for the kids man

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