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"Soul Clap"


Can I get a soul clap
All my people can I get a soul clap
Up top y'all can I get a soul clap
And down low y'all can I get a soul clap
Yeah, can I get a soul clap
The path is long but this song is the road map
I never hold back when it comes to music
We've begun a movement, this is truth undisputed
Cults ?? uprooting the root of evil
The power is limitless so I'm giving it to the people
We came up through a crack in the street
They tryna keep us on our back but now we're back to our feet
They could never fathom the heights that we rose to
They try to block the road to the top but we broke through
There are so few of them gold rules that hold true
Take heed to what I told you, what I'm feeding you is soul food
Your eyes been blinded by the lies they sold you
I should let you keep fronting but that's something that I won't do
That's cuz I'm oldschool, way before protools
Before all these clowns became watered down like old dudes
We deep in the dark so we needing a spark
I'll fight for what is right cuz that's what I believe in my heart
But my heart is hurting, all my people are hardworking
I'm tryna pull you aboard the ark before them sharks start circling
Use our music to lean on after we gone
Cuz life's a game, a slow death and you don't get no restarts
So keep on keeping on until the pain stops
Sometimes to get to sunshine you gotta walk through raindrops

[Hook - Tabs]
So take heed to the truth when it's told
It's what ya need, this is food for your soul
It keeps you warm as you troop through the cold
And helps you grab the wheel when you feel you losing control


We already tried to warn the swarm of narrow minded idiots
But y'all could act the same and just remain amongst the ignorant
Oblivious, like I'm belligerent when I talk
And every time you slip, you wanna trip and say it's my fault
Get the fuck off my balls, my penis isn't lonely
Unless you want a dick up in your mouth, then you could blow me
A lot of people phony, so I feel like we never met
I found all the secrets in life are probably better kept
Like I never slept, tired of these clowns fronting
Searching for a purpose in these jerks but I found nothing
I keep looking and never stop pushing
I always keep it real and somehow I'm mistooken
Just another name lame wack ass rapper
Tryna get a deal, assback crack packer
I'd say being unknown is better than it seems
Truth is it's probably better than my dreams



I Str8 Jackit flood you like one two
That's my scrapping lines, bring legends back in time
To incite the sponsor, the night was done
I speak the truth in the same room where my mic is hung
With the Illmatic vinyl shining over in the corner
Manifesting destiny, mad high off marijuana
When I'm awake I'm still watching my dreams
We represent the people like Proposition 19
We emcees for the masses, this is your session
It's like I'm teaching classes, this is my lesson
Love this music is my soul, it's that fruit to grow
Deep thoughts for every single youth to know
This world seemed a lot colder when I was younger
And I'm getting older, constantly defining hunger
What's the meaning of life, so I'm dreaming it bigger
I smoke with Big L and try give the potion his big picture


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