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"Mic Please"


Sometimes the effort that you put in is less than what you get back
Always room for failure in this life, can't regret that
It only makes you stronger when the day really burn
The undeniable greatness got me feeling up
Who the fuck ain't feeling um, you just feeling mad cuz you ??
Fuck your money too, that dollar's Illuminati
I came up off of Hip-Hop, real shit back in the day
Why you wannabes think I'm rapping is ??
I know the pain that I speak of is deeper than your grass
Just take a second to listen, that's all I got to ask
Surrounded by this trash and I'm getting overlooked
Write a hook for a g, pay for a show you got booked
6-3-1 , 6-3-9 , 1-9-40
That's my number all you fucks can just call me
Destroy wannabes, invite me to your friend's party
For a g I'll burn him in front of his own mommy
I'm nasty, when I tell ya I can never lose
These words I from a selection in which I some and choose
This is what legends do, I'm light years gone
Close your eyes anytime you hear this song


What's the difference if you listen to the garbage they prescripting you
And see inside the demons and the leeches when I spit the truth
It's sickness that is lifting you from off your feet to hit the roof
Inside you'll find the evil in these feeble minded ???
Deceitful lies and simple proof that even I could think is true
If you were looking back at all the facts that these bitches knew
If ignorance is innocence, then innocence you're all wrong
I see it in your faces, that's the place they rest their pulse on
So you can tell your lies and then decide you might believe it
But I've arrived to find I declined to hide your secrets
What I provide is genius, my lines inside a secrets
Designed to make you vibe whenever you decide to peep this
And that's just what the speed is so you should try and catch up
Hit you where you breathing, it freezes from the neck up
No disrespect son but my intention is deadly
Carving out your heart with the sharpest machete
I see inside your rhymes and all the lies you try to sell us
Suck out a feeling that you're fabricated over zealous
Statements that you make are just your fake imagination
An attempt to validate your alter state and miscreation
You expect me to believe your deceitful ways and fakery
Your measurement of my intelligence is just amazing me
How stupid can you take me for, if anything I'm maybe more
If life is just a game then you ain't acting like we played before
Me I got the greatest score, dominating take the sport
Filling up the pages in your record book, I came for more
Than what you clowns is giving me, we just sounding different G
My I'm on something other shit, you just ride a dick and freeze


I felt something in my soul, back when I was younger
No matter what I tried I couldn't satisfy the hunger
Now all these rappers hide cuz my battle cries thunder
The illest cat alive still I agonize to wonder
Would I ever make a move that was major
Actualize the dreams of my youth, see the fruits of my labor
Will there ever be a million people screaming Bad Karma
Or is this another opportunity I have squandered
Had to look deep inside my soul to find the truth within
Now it's maneuvering and exulting through the skin
You have been formally introduced to my hunger pains
Went from 'What's his name' to Tabs One but nothing changed
It corrupts my brain when I see your weak schemes
What we've seen is quite rare, makes nightmares to sweet dreams
I got a street team but we don't put posters up
We kick open doors that all of these frauds have closed and shut
So roll a dutch and toast to Big L, to Big L
I must love Hip-Hop cuz I ain't got shit else
I'm in hell and there ain't even a slight breeze
So I light trees and look to the right like mic please

[Hook - Tabs]
Mic please, pass me the mic
That's what I been waiting for, for all my life
I will never fall, I will brawl and fight
Just pass me that shit and it will be alright

Mic please, just pass me the mic...

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