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[Jakki The Motomouth]
Spit flows, melt ya team
Catch me with a bunch of ugly bitches with low self esteem (come here girl)
Got a .22, piss me off?
Pull it, watch your brain bleed
You might have a bigger gun but our bullets do the same thing
My clip is Joe Jackson meets Ike Turner
If I fuck without a condom be concerned cause I might burn her
Ain't a nigga on my level when it comes to spitting
I'll battle the devil make all of his demons turn against him
[?] is fast
I run through sixteen bars faster than an alcoholic flash
I'm out with all this ass, drinking full liquor
Only model chicks, the catch is they freaks and full figured
I'm no joke tonight, I'll use the Glock to smoke the mic
And I'ma stab the engineer if he don't mix the vocals right
You won't stop this vigorous flow coming
Cause you don't got shit like a nigga with no stomach

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