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"Freaks! Freaks!"

Freaks! Freaks! all up in the club
They like colorful drinks they like those dubs
Freaks! Freaks! eating at Taco Bell
Eating bean burritos and eating them well
Freaks! Freaks! all in the Northridge Mall
Christmas shopping in the middle of the Fall
Freaks! Freaks! trying to graduate school
On a six-year plan but they still look cool

[Verse 1: Pigeon John]
Check it my name's Pigeon John you know my steezo
Whether in the Regal or shoppin' at Spiegel
Or should I say Spike Spiegel I'm lethal
Illegal aliens they all my people
(Get down) Big up to Black Eyed Peas
And the elderly women up in the factories
Peace to my Whittier ladies who drive me crazy
All the South Bay bunnies at the beach you amaze me
Can't forget the Inglewood dimes
Who used to do the freak line out in lunch time
Hawthorne Hawthorne little city of dreams
To all the Mexican girls on the soccer team
(They know they some)


[Verse 2: Pigeon John]
It's the boy that you laughed at
Didn't give me a chance now I drive a Cadillac
So what it's 12 years old baby it's still cold
I just imagine it's a brand new one dropped low
All up in the club
Philapina b-girls always show love
Lemon to a lime and a lime to a lemon
Underground hip-hop equals no women
Except for a Slug show
So you know where the where the Pigeon go
Siggidy sike because I met the love of my life
From Venice, Killa-Cal so I had to make her my wife
(She rolls with)


[Verse 3: Pigeon John]
Ladies! put your hands up
Put your hands up put your hands up
Fellas! let 'em breathe ya'll
Let 'em breathe ya'll it's what they need ya'll
You work as a PA all dang day
You roll to the club with your girls just to play
Now you make a circle purses in the middle
And trying to get in there is like trying to solve a riddle
(You some)


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