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Like this..
You roll with a bunch of grimy street cats
Known for packin gats and livin in dirt
They claim they got your backside
But the reality, is that they quick to desert
Your money ain't right
And that's only half the reason your feelings is hurt
You got robbed last night
And found out one of your own cats is stealin your work
And now you wanna kill this jerk
Put him in the ambulance quick with a nurse
You're picturin his body stiff
Sittin six feet deep layin cold in a hearse
You want it so bad that you can taste it
And the anticipation is only makin it worse
So you decide to follow him around
You see him in the nightclub trickin on skirts
You got a dollar to your name
And at least 30 more days until the first
So while he in the V.I.P. spittin game
You order a Long Island to quench your thirst
Sit back, take two sips
Relaxed behind two chicks
Mad cause you gotta listen to these broads
Talk about every time Dick and Harry with they loose lips
You only here for one thang
Thinkin 'bout the payback waitin for this fool to dip
It's funny how things change
This is the same cat that you went to high school with
Disrespectin you, makin you flip
Robbin you while he owing you grip
And you can't believe this cat had the nerve
To try to sell it back to you, on some brand-new shit
You convinced he ain't got no sense
And he did what he did just to see you flip
Now you posted in a nightclub
With a 9-milli, and two clips
Payin attention to the people that he talks to
Especially the chick you see him foolin with
But not really givin a fuck
If this chickenhead got a family and two kids
You see 'em leave together
So you tail 'em to the parkin lot to his new whip
Then you whistle to get his attention
Thinkin to yourself this motherfucker's stupid
Didn't know what hit him 'til the first few clicks
Gun clappin off and on to the music
The gun play's a murderous metronome
{*gunshots*} Welcome to the Terrordome
He got caught while he was headin home
Never thought for a second you'd ever catch him alone
And how he's wonderin why he ever robbed you
Layin on the concrete with lead in his dome
You standin there shakin
Like a little child, with your hands on the chrome
And everything is for the takin
So you snatch his wallet, and yank off his herringbone
You look around and hide the gun
See somebody callin 9-1-1 on a cell phone
But you still got time to run
Make a clean getaway and pray the truth'll never be known
So you bail into the shadows
And make sure that your face is hard to see
But the chick that he was with in the club
Saw the whole thing and starts to scream
Your only thought is to flee
So you bail into the parkin lot and head across the street
You get inside the ride
Look in your pockets, so you can start the jeep
And then it hits you
That in the middle of this robbery and homicide you lost your keys
And then it hits you
That you'll probably get the fuckin chair, cause you lost your keys! {*echoes*}

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