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"Hey Lady (Fuck to This)"

Hey lady
Have you've been looking for love in all the wrong places
Me too
Hey lady
Have you've been telling yourself just to be patient
Me too

[Verse 1: Mike Posner]
Just because I stand on the stage now
Just because I'm ill in the booth
Doesn't mean I can't really love you
And if you listen then I'll tell you the truth
I'm getting kinda tired of the, well
I'll spare you the details
But I got a little crazy with the females
The last tour, okay, and the one before
But I'm tryin to tell you
I don't think I want that no more
I guess, at least you know that I got the experience
So when you cool with it
You know I know what to do with it
Everything that you expected and more
Sex in shower, on the bed
Then sex on the floor
Rug burns on my knees, scratches on my back
You put those on my body to remind me to come back
And for some reason I do
I even eat it, but that's a secret just between me and you


[Verse 2: Twista]
Let's take it back to the basics
Looking for love in all the wrong places
All up in the party, sipping on Ciroc
I was coming at the women
When I was spending big faces
Every night I'm in the zone
Doing what the fuck I wanna do
In the hotel lobby like
You, and you, and you
Until I met you
Make Twist get the urge
Got it with you cause I was sick with the words
Looking at you cause the picture was perfect
Now all the other chicks kicked to the curb
Sick cause I got a trip off the way I was looking everywhere for love
And I found it right here
I'm Twista
Let me get to know ya
Here is Mike Posner
Let me make it quite clear
You the only one that I wanna be with
Tell everybody else that they can holla back
But all the other women I was with
I just splurged
But she the only one that bring the dollar back
Her sex so cold, got it froze
And that's on the real, she the one I chose
Loving her so all I wanna say is impose
Tell her how you feel


[Outro: Mike Posner]
Hey lady
Have you been looking for love
Looking, looking for love
Me too
Hey lady
Have you been telling yourself just to be patient
Me too

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