Beard lyrics


[Verse 1]
It started long ago
With Jesus and the Pharisees
Straw would spin itself to gold
Foretold in all the prophecies

You can't stop this
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Try to top this
Oh, oh, oh, oh
The beard will come to be revered
And feared throughout the galaxy

A symbol of age and wisdom
The beard has long been dominated by the male of the species
But we welcome a new age
Wherein its power can be wielded by the masculine or the feminine
Man, or woman, or...?

Behold the beard
The power of the beard
Glory to the beard (beard, beard, beard)
Blessed be the

[Verse 2]
It's taken all control
This feeling's got a hold on me
So why this freedom in my mind?
This all-consuming ecstasy?

[Pre-Hook 2]
Come and take me
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Scratch and scrape me
Oh, oh, oh, oh
The beard
May it never be sheared
Possess me for eternity

[Interlude 2]
Now is the moment we come together as one
Once fragmented, we stand united
From the soil of our fears grow the fruits of our enlightenment
Through our darkest oppression, we find our ultimate liberation
Long live the...


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