Theme Song (I’m Far Away)


[Verse 1]
Mama said when you fly away
Like a leaf in the wind
Paper rolls from that other place
Where the bluebirds sing
On the coast of my fantasy
There's a hope for a change
Though the things that are still to be
Always seems so strange

I'm, I'm far away from my home
Finding my way, looking for stars in the storm, oh
But I found some roses to show you
Were growing wild through the floor
I'm, I'm far away, on my way back to your door

[Verse 2]
Mama told me to take the light
From the house on the hills
And let it shine in a foreign night
When the hearts are still
On the clouds of my fantasy
We'll be pushing the storm
So I'll be where I need to be
At the break of dawn

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