Snoop Dogg

"Domino Intro"

Domino motherf**ker what's happening?
Ah n***a eat a d**k n***a, don't break my
Momma's nice ass table n***a
Yeah f**k that, f**k what they talking bout n***a
Rack them motherf**king dominoes up n***a
f**k that n***a, just look, look out for the table n***a
f**k that
Ayo where's Snoop Dogg?
I don't know them n***as went upstairs with that big booty b*t*h man
Ah no, he ain't busting no nuts on my momma's spread
That n***a up there getting his socks blown the f**k off
Getting his ass chewed out
Better ask somebody
Balls licked up and down
Hell yeah
Ayo what's up with them n***as that was on the TV dissing you?
Man f**k them n***as man, I ain't thinking about that old sh*t man
Busta ass, HIV pu**y ass motherf**kers
Yo yo yo Daz, easy come, easy *Gun shot*
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