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Yeah (Nonbruh), uh, yeah, yeah
Yeah, uh, yeah, yeah, uh yeah, yeah, uh yeah,uh, yeah

Rodeo, Travis Scott
Rodeo, pull up on him
Where he go? Pull up in a Chevrolet
Pull up on him
Where he stay? Yeah, yeah
Where he stay? Yeah, yeah
Where he stay? Yeah, yeah
Where he stay? Yeah, yeah
Ooh, yeah, yeah, yeah
My [?] count up the racks, uh
My [?] packs, uh
My [?] thraxx, yeah
Shawty, she bringin' it back, uh
I'm in the cut countin' racks, uh
I'm in the cut and I'm-, uh
I'm [?], uh
Gotta get this stack up on a Monday, uh, yeah
But I go to Church up on a Sunday, uh, yeah
Pull up on that boy who own a Hyundai, uh, yeah
Runnin' out of rings, I feel like Sonic, huh, yeah
Run up on that boy, I feel like [?], huh, yeah
[?], huh, yeah
Get to the green, like it's Fifa (Yeah)
I get my [?] (Yeah)
She look like Mia Khalifa (Yeah)
No, I don't wanna go meet her (Yeah)
That boy slick, that boy slick, that boy slick, like [?]
I'm in the jeep, I'm in the [?], I'm on the bed, no more
I'm [?]
She catchin' feelings, I told her that's it
[?] lifeguard, I feel like a leader
Yeah, eatin' at [?], catch me at [?], yeah
Her [?], yeah
I told him to hop off
Had to take his top off
I just had a big pause
Feelin' like a [?], I just had it locked off
Put it 'round my stomach, it got me feelin' like a hotsauce
And I'm runnin' up
I'm gettin' money [?]
Shawty, she [?]
She like it [?]
My n***as [?]
I had a [?], yeah
[?], yeah
I'm in this b*t*h, like a [?], yeah
I'm in the cut with the cup, yeah
Money, can you throw it up? Uh
I be in the [?], uh
[1:36 Literally have no clue what he's saying anymore]
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