"Puppa fumo"

My whole has been a race against time
Since I was a kid particularly keen
But at the age of 20
I had to front the devil face to face
[?] from which you can't escape
A palace made of smoke, just smoke
And everything you touch inside of it
[?] joke
I could tell about the smell, yo
There's no return when you ring the devil's bell
Seems to me this battle wouldn't be over 'til I die
I get the same f**king smell see smoke up in the sky
I wonder if there ever be a place up there for me
Where I can rest in peace and [?] for eternity
But what the f**k!?
My brothers told me [?]
Tomorrow's another day
Nah, n***a, it's too late
You see the devil's got me hanging to a rope
And everything I touch [?] in a motherf**king smoke
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