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"It Ain't Goin Down"

Here we go (repeated)

I suffer from the worst torment, burn my flesh
Screamin' from the mercy, I fell from the rest
Humiliate, dissappoint, I'm stressed with the headache
My heart stopped beating, quick the paramedics
I heal from the wounds, realived or fatigued
Many still at ease from the struggle, pray for peace
Aggravate assault, who's at fault is it now
Embarassed from the frauds that are hostile and wild
Don't blow the fuse, so what, just for instance
Niggas wanna set it, fool, make no difference
Loonie of the looniest, the mighty Funkdoobiest
So fuck you and that fake crew that you be with

We ain't hearin' it, havin' it, it ain't goin' down
(Fuck what you heard, it's about what ya hearin')

They try to put shame in the name and kill a backstabber
The sucka duck should, of course it made me madder
Matters worse, the situation's hotty
Nobody's jolly in society's party
Reveal all the evil that occured in the act
Bloody was the incident, shall burst in your back
The price of betrayal, the faces turn pale
Rumors have failed, truth had prevailed
Tales in the mist, but don't believe the nonsense
Everybody's getting over, nobody's honest
Break a promise to sabotage fortune
A portion of lies, who could be the spy
Sneakin' in the film, mini reel, keep it solid
The loot on their mind with their eye on their wallet


99 bottles of beer on the wall
And now they're all gone cause T-Funk drunk 'em all
I call all you peasants in fear near the hour
Niggas self destruct, implode from the power
Many of course have seen the 4 fronts
Smokin' more blunts and fuckin' more stunts
Seemed like an epidemic, the phony spreadin'
Givin' altrocidies, didn't see the dead end
What'cha gonna do with the peak-a-boo 1, 2
Break a fool up in this bitch, nuttin' new
Cause you'll be the victim, treason is the reason
Don't wanna be locked down for the season
These are the schemes that prove themselves evident
Incomplete, non-sipher, irrevilent


Here we go (fades with song)

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