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Uncle Murda

"Call Me Montana"

[French Montana: Hook]
Call me Montana, call me Montana
Frenchy Montana

Fresh up out the streets, call me Montana
Hottest out the East, Frenchy Montana

[French Montana: Verse 1]
Got this little thing
Stomach's so polluted homie play with my franks
Now I'mma shoot em with the chopper like Omar
I be in a coma, sleeping with them black shades
Say she's in a a coma
Junkie for a woman
Belly for a bag
And I'm about go to see Sosa
Got it in the bag, getting money like the ace
Everybody startin
Black and white Mercedes
SLR McLaren from the gutter where I come
Porsche with the fog lights in case I'm in the swamp
Drove the Bentley drunk
When I saw you knew you’re mine
Looking like a tiger
Anything you want I'm buying
I stand like a cycle


[Drake: Verse 2]
On the hood you see a stallion
Passenger's a stallion
n*ggas getting nervous
I'm passing out the valium
I suggest you pop it
But please don't get too sleepy
Used to have them b*tches twerking
Up in 400 West Peach Street
Now them same hoes will see me
Be like "if this is how you feeling
Used to stay up after 12
Now you're worth like $12 million!
Boy you did it, boy you did it!
You did the unexpected!"
I say "f*ck the unexpected I just did
What I projected"
I swear young women are lost these days
But older women dig me
f*cking women that knew Biggie
So it really ain't no biggie
It's just OVO and XO, and Free Bands is the committee
And shout out to Toronto, b*tch I'm Tony in my city


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