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Uncle Murda

"K.O.B. (Rules to This sh*t)"

[Verse 1: Maino]
I'm the leader of the movement
The blueprint I put goons in
If you sick and tired of the lies
I'm where the truth went
I'm alive, the winning kind
I see dollar signs idolized
f*ck every b*tch on my timeline
Who am I? The K.O.B. motherf*cker
Thirty chains like Mr. T motherf*cker
n*ggas follow me like they reading from the Quran
f*ck hoes my b*tch she flying in from Milan
Real respect real I pack steal ridiculous
Villainous, these lame n*ggas is frivolous
Remember us? The doule R we hustle hard
Shines bright like 40 lights from 20 cars
Uh, treat movie b*tches like groupie b*tches
Yeah, I'm daydreaming on newly riches
Yeah, no rap star or actor
Been ready I blast off like Nasa

Who am I?
The K.O.B. motherf*cker, K.O.B. motherf*cker
Thirty chains like Mr. T motherf*cker
Real respect real

[Verse 2]
Everybody Gs, homey please
These n*ggas weak, if I squeeze
They gon' bleed, put 'em to sleep
I'm a general for my criminals stacking revenues
Vamanos, these lames fall like dominos
Ruthless, got one gun with two clips
Group sh*t, one di*k for two chicks
Goon sh*t, a couple Bloods, a few Crips
Coupe 6 hopping out for a few flicks
Living better now Gucci leather now (baby)
'Cause I used to chase I don't remember now
On that fly sh*t, your highness the livest
Surprise b*tch, you went back you my b*tch
Yeah, to touch me you need an elevator
Top floor, good view I'm in heavy hater
It's rules to, it's deep-rooted I been through it
You couldn't do it, you boys blew it let's get to it


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