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Uncle Murda

"My City"

[Verse 1: Maino]
The street is waiting on that real sh*t
These hating n*ggas praying I get killed quick
Guess it ain't no love where I come from
Fake smiles, fake hugs where I come from
The first one to ride for my city
'Til I noticed that they wasn't riding with me
n*ggas say you got to bring New York back
But my hood is like Chicago, where New York at
How we know our pedigree with no identity
Too many chickens scared to make enemies
So welcome to New York, we the hardest yeah
Where the DJs is bigger than the artists here
Yeah, I think I woke up in a bad mood
Wearing my feeling on my sleeve like a tattoo
Waving the flag for my city then I threw it down
I'm done with it, let another n*gga hold it down

Sometimes I feel like f*ck my city
Too many b*tch n*ggas from my city
None of these lame n*ggas run my city
At times I feel like I don't love my city
Sometimes I feel like f*ck my city
At times I feel like I don't love my city

[Verse 2]
Damn, I feel the hate when it come to me
They let n*ggas disrespect us then they stunt on me
I put the city on my back, how they front on me?
I wore that Yankee cap well, ain't no love for me
Man, the f*ck happen to my city dog?
Over two million sold, still a hundred though
What they waiting for, my n*ggas been ready
Try to uplift the city but these n*ggas so petty
Damn, I guess I start a new wave
I bet Biggie turning over in his grave
The streets screaming that they waiting for a change
But my hands tied
These pussies trying to lock me out the game
f*ck what we used to be, we not that
And these rappers claiming street but they not that
How I'm supposed to feel, n*gga I'm a rider
But my own city showing more love to outsiders


[Verse 3]
These weak n*ggas wish I wasn't here
But just imagine if I wasn't here
You wouldn't get this real talk n*gga
These pussies want to leave you in the dark n*gga
I give you me, I give you all of me
Just know that I'll be there when you call on me
You won't get it 'til I'm dead and gone
Probably won't appreciate me 'til I'm dead and gone


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