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Uncle Murda

"Red Light"

[Hook: French Montana 2x]
(Then again, than again)
Red light, green light, go
Talk about the fast life, one night show (then again)
Block hot, stash box closed
You know I got it mapped out blacked out, woah (then again)

[Verse:French Montana]
Stash box you could fit a grown man in a John Lennon suit
Hit your shoulders start spinning
I be thinking 'bout my dog...
While I'm starring down the bottle head
Wish I could have stopped him then
But you gotta live and learn
Sour burn
Money be the only thing
Patience is a virtue, dedication: that be everything
Black and yellow diamonds
I be shinning like a Steeler
Game is to be sold, we got it sold like a dealer
Got a couple killings on my...
n*ggas hatin' so my...
Hammer c*cked
Fresh drop
Better watch your woman
Hottest out the city
Don't be silly
b*tch I'm Cajun hot
f*ck a cheque, paper tag
Brown bag, latest drop


[Verse: Chinx Drugz]
Look, I'm certified, all up over that stove mixin'
Rose and patron mixin,' 4 vixens
n*gga outta line, point the llama where your break is
Coke Boys We gets
Viscous on em'
Yellow and the white stones glisten on em'
R.Kelly days we was p*ssin' on em'
But you wifed her (ew)
Red light, green light
Homie what it beez like
Take a look, this is what them G's like (see em')
I push up on your lady in a purple spider
Fith of lean, jolly rancher, shake the sprite up
Strictly 'bout my griz-ind
n*ggas being stingy, ain't no worries I'm gon' get mine (ugh)
You hear me though


[Verse: Cheeze]
Leave that crack baby alone
f*ck with a Coke Boy
For the low boy
Under the radar, call me low boy
I never slip
Gucci red bottoms got rubber grip
Chicken and waffles down in Atlanta on my southern sh*t (my southern sh*t)
From the shottie to the drugs, know I pump sh*t
From the slugs to the dubs, know I dump sh*t
Shells got him laying in the street, on some bum sh*t
All over some dumb sh*t
Now a n*gga on that run sh*t
b*tches on some 'money make me cum' sh*t
My boy coke touch his gums leave it numb sh*t
I'm on some smoke sour all day, need another lung sh*t
You know I smoke after I bust on some gun sh*t


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