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"Freeband Taliban"

[Hook: Stuey Rock]
Dirty money, keep that sh*t in rubber bands
Foreign whips, it cost me 'bout a couple grand
Foreign b*t*hes, only tell 'em bring a friend
Hundred deep, FBG f**king Taliban
Love getting this money
Bad b*t*hes up on me
Know a n***a be stuntin'
Money keep on coming

[Verse 1: Future]
That dirty money like diddy
My bad b*t*hes, they pretty
My chains will leave you dizzy
I'm staying up on my grizzy
I'm stacking money like 50
I'm more Versace than Biggie
I'm poppin' bands like Diggy
My name could be Future Simmons
I'm most requested in clubs
I'm making girls fall in love
I'm poppin' bottles of bub
If I make it rain it's gon' flood
If I make it rain it's gon' thunder
I'm balling like Oklahoma
I'm chasing after them commas
You got Benjamins, then I want 'em
You got Franklins, then I need 'em
That [?] girl is a diva
I might just have to freeze her
She gon' pledge her allegiance
To Freeband Gang she believe in
Making movies like Steven
A foreign b*t*h from New Zealand
Her friend don’t even speak English!
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