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"Hater sh*t"

Me and my n***as, we gonna lay everything down
We run in the bank and laying this motherf**ker down
Run in the bank and we laying everything down
(If Young Metro don't trust you, I'm gon' shoot you)

Little n***as get murked around with that hating sh*t
Little n***as see the dirt, f**king with that hating sh*t
Little n***a get money, f**k around with hating sh*t
Little n***a take your b*t*h with all that hating sh*t
Audemar, my wrist, f**k that hating sh*t
Pucci on my b*t*h, f**k that hating sh*t

They tried to count me out, n***a I'm staying lit
f**k around, took a loss then I planned this

[Verse 1]
Ain't taking no shots, n***a I'm mad rich
Made myself a boss, n***a and I'm savage
Lean talking that talk, I don't put a address on it
Full grown 36 zones, ain't no flex on it
I'm putting on, and my money long, ain't no hex on me
Got a photon with a little chrome with a big Tec on me
Take my advice, you gotta get it in, in
Here come another one, all we do is win, win
She know I'm draped up with the cash on me
I'ma cash out on the Spider
El Chapo my idol
My watch as a chain, it's a brighter
Hot as a flame, a lighter
Training my hoes like fighters
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