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"Maison Margiela"

[Produced by Metro Boomin and DJ Spinz]

1500 on some Maison Margielas
Freeband Gang, we the new Roc-A-Fellas
You started making millions now they think you worship the devil
We keep it pimpin give a b*t*h to my brother
So used struggle when you come from the gutta (Whoop)
I love to grind cause these stones of rosetta
Keep it solid and they think you the devil (Yeah Yeah)
Spent 5 thousand on a Cashmere sweater

[Verse 1]
We go to Magic and we changing the weather
Sleep with the choppa, I got all on my bezzles (Ni Ni n***a)
A cool billion when you see us together (Whoop Whoop)
I'm still standing in designer forever (Freeband Gang)
I went to Mexico and f**ked up some change (Whoo Whoop)
That sh*t ain’t nothing to me, I f**ked up the game (Turn Up, Turn Up)
They got my finger prints it’s no one to blame (Ay f**k 'Em)
My family depend on me, I’m slanging cocaine (I swear)
I called the plug and I went straight to the pot (I swear)
I did a dounut when I turned out the lot (Skirt!)
I’m in Margielas that ain't know that I rock
I’m blowing money, and I'm never gone stop (Future)
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