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What is Lean?
What that is you got in that sprite foo?

[Hook: Future]
I pulled yo b*t*h in my pajamas
I got your main thing giving me the neck
I wake up in the morning thumb thru a check
I hit licks, in my pajamas, in my pajamas
We got walk inside the mall and buy that b*t*h in my pajamas

[Verse 1: Future]
Rolling up the strong loud gas in my pajamas
Pulled a b*t*h baby momma, f**ked a b*t*h in her pajamas
Standing on the porch, pulled a b*t*h in my pajamas
Pulled up with the horse everywhere on my pajamas (ralph)
Versace house shoes I’m inside the Porsche Carrera
Burberry boxers, boy this b*t*h look like Ciara (turn up)
She diggin’ my demeanor fully strapped up with a barrel
Ralph Lauren white T this ain’t American Apparel
Iced out in my pajamas, flyer than a sailor
Drinking lean by the gallon the lean man owe me a favor
Count the check in my pajamas I’m a major figure playa
Spent a grip on my pajamas, my pajamas got flavor
In my pajamas, yeah, In my pajamas
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