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"Fresh Air"

Call me when you leave
Ostentação, palavra que eu gosto de ouvir
Sand touch your toes when you cookin' breakfast
Pacific Ocean out the backyard lookin' sexy
Straight shot, codeine, no chase
Don't let your dreams go to waste

I'ma need fresh air
What I need? Fresh air (what I need, what I need)
I need to get out on my own
It's been too long
Girl, I need

[Verse 1]
Move on
Opportunities come once a lifetime
Without you
Never broke, play yaself, don't forget I had that
Come on
Feelin' like Janet Jackson said, it's all for you
Never try to put the navigation, when I'm lookin' for it

I'll be right back, I'm on auto-pilot for the week
I'll be right back
Bad, bad, but she lookin' badder every week
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