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"Came Home to a M"

[Intro: Future]
Forever Freebandz
I got love for my n***as

[Hook: Future]
Cause I've been hangin' with them jackals, my lil dog caught a M
Doe Boy got out on a robbery, he came home to a M
Play your role then get exposed then
sh*t, I might kidnap all my old friends
It's a lot of animosity I can't hold in
I get Pooh Gutta to kick your door in

[Verse 1: Doe Boy]
I ain't gotta rob no more b*t*h, I came home to a M
Got this big ass .40 on me, gotta walk with a limp
n***a went against the gang so we had to send a hit
Police caught me, chased me down, b*t*h I was tryna' hit the fence
Ridin' 'round with the Ruger, I'm a real pistol user
We ain't f**kin' with no rapper, I might rob ya' with Young Scooter
I'm a savage, n***a, I'm your favorite rapper's favorite shooter
He ain't gon' have no f**kin' future, let a n***a play with Future
Once my n***a down for murder, free my dogs out the pen
If I feel my n***a fakin', f**k around and rob my friend
Shooters come shoot up your block, then they slidin' through again
I can't go out like no ho I took my time on the chin
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