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"$hmurda Gang"

Mob gang, $hmurda gang
Freebandz gang
Free $hmurda's n***a
Ah ah ah

[Verse 1]
I'm a pull up on a f**k n***a
We got Draco's in the truck with us
Can't no n***a really f**k with us
I got Johnny in a cut
I got Swerky in a cut
It's a choppa in a cut
And I'm still in stories n***a
Selling packs I need a cut
Plenty bands got shorty
I got bags now shorty
Got the 40, run up on me
I ain't playing round shorty
Got a n***a down
It's a man down
Got a shooter for me
He ain't playing round
Ain't a n***a tried me
Dare a n***a cross me
Let the f**king bird hang
He ain't coming off me

[Verse 2]
Free Ashino with the mag
They gave my youngin fourteen
I was laying n***as down since I was like fourteen
Free my n***a Baby Seth he made first forty eight
Shooters quick they probly hit you with the first forty eight
Stay quiet manslaughter all the day my n***a ate
Where my n***a kept the solid boy that n***a hella hate
I got busy in adreni's knock offs on my resume
When I ride on sh*t and kill em probly wouldn't a call my case
Momma steak but it's cool ain't no pressure I can't take
Fill a crate play with Hen boosie put em in his place
Gave my n***a Poopie twelve cause he brought out yellow tape
He the type to kill big or small one in yo mama face
Free Latura red dot
Gave yo boys some headshots
p*ssing on these n***as graves tell em f**k the dead ops
Free Yale, Free Chuck, Free Lou, Free Luck
Free Bimma, Free Fima bad dawgs locked up
Rubber band, money gang they know n***as how this do
We ain't snitching f**k twelve
We go hard like buttermilk
All my RDK n***as pull up and start on them
I got killas up the way if we drumming pardon them

Aye, aye, aye we gon pull up get to squeezing hoe
I make sure you never bring yo ass to prelim hoe
My shooters up whoever say we beefing hoe
I can't tell you who that mud about a week ago

[Verse 3]
You don't rock how I rock
All these n***as fake as f**k they ain't shot what I shot
They ain't really getting money, they ain't got what I got
He might got a lil wave he ain't hot how I'm hot
Ah, ah, ah, had my chopper send it to a lil boy
Shot that sh*t when other n***as goofy boy, not with I
You can catch me still on nose at the stove, what he wah
n***a said he went on Doe for a no
Free Juan, Free Tess, he don't even see the chalk
n***a said he gonna smoke pu**y I ain't even cough
Had my check gang n***as, cash em all, what you thought
I was soft, then you lost
Think again, I'm a boss
Yeah I was gon spray you n***as
Changed my mind, f**k that
We gon pull up bust first n***a we don't press back
Really god in my city, n***as know I run that
Had yo momma crying cause she ain't gon get her son back
Run away with money B, then he on his way back
Now my n***as come and K you all so we laid back
Free hood, kick his door n***a where yo safe at
Ain't gon tell me f**king murder man pussies face back, b*t*h

[Verse 4]
We gon pull up on a f**k n***a
Rubber band smell that gang who can f**k with us
Think this sh*t a game till we touch n***as
Three times to my fellas I say brap n***a, gang
Brap, brap

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