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Tech N9ne

"Blank Zone 2"

Laid Back sh*t, To My Boy Zing
Tech N9ne Baby
Laid Back To This, Nod Ya Head To Dis
Laid Back To This

Yeah, I think they got me f*cked up
Everybody better hold up, Check Spoke
You Be A Million Man Motherf*ckers Said so
I had to run up and down the court watching y'all like the league official
I never had to keep a pistol
If I did shoot, I'd shoot to kill
Talk is talk and that's cheap to me
We Do Hard b*tches, Feeling Raw b*tches
Drunk 40 Ounce More To This Freaky This
Start To Ready This, Susan
Listen Susan, Anybody tellin me I'm not the best it gotta be I wear a mask
Sayin' I should hang it up in music you're a plum liar
A dumb guy or you're a bum sire tellin me I'm inadequate knowing it's not anyone higher to her
Yes We Out of Lex Luger
Fool is hatin' cause he don't understand my communication, Nokia
n*ggas Susposed to her, MTV Watches Loves Gloria
Kali baby, y'all can never hang with us
Y'all strange to us
On the role, like I'm too cripple
Getting twisted like two nipples
Shake Me, Just Like Gonzo Bonzo
You Know What It Is, Got My Wheels Rollo
When I Swing Bolos, Cause I Gotta Go Solo...

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