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Inspectah Deck

"Days of Glory"

I want everything, from furry things, heavy rings
In my backyard, that's where I bury kings
I stay cling, dynasty Ming, no worry pains
Buffalo wings, hot springs in the winter time
Pull up a nice thing, looking like I won the Heisman
Passion aside, sweet, call it my icing
Alright then, we both freaks, first class seats
And mountain peaks, as we Tour De France
She kissed me on both cheeks, now I'm off to Greece
Yeah, I'm off the streets, and my fam is better
Rock sister hand by hats with the golden feather
Living off a good time from the golden era, cuz

[Chorus: U-God]
These, are, my days, of, glory
Whatever it takes
Don't live with regrets, I learned from mistakes, cuz
These, are, my days, of, glory
Work hard for the cheddar
Sunny days ahead, it could only get better, cuz

Cuz I had it, lost it, had it again
In my heart, yo, I had it to win
When my money got short, my Spanish b*tch, yo, she vanished again
Now I got it again, I keep the theory is in
Keep minimum friends, that means space in the Benz
Self made movies, keep a face in the lens
I'm gonna rewrite the end of Carlito's Way
It's forever rap shows that the Beatles play
These are glory days, these are sinister times
Your hour glass ran out, now every minute is mine
It's a hundred rap dash cross the finishing line
Yo, I'm easy to get to, but I'm hard to find
It's the Keynote Speaker, I'm one of a kind
Presidential MC, I never resign
Ya'll n*ggas is blind, cuz you need protection
To the game I'm an artist, cuz I draw attention, cuz

This is now, now is then
Picture me, n*gga, following them, I don't follow the trend
Going to the top, following men
For the chores of life, then you swallow them in
Don't wanna get caught with the iron again
Don't wanna be stressed with a bottle of gin
Change the odds of the pen, gon' mind my work
Sit top the empire, watch fireworks, cuz


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