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Inspectah Deck


[Dialogue from the movie The Egyptian (1954)]

HOREMHEB: Are you trying to tell me that you'll fight against me?

SINUHE: Oh, you will win that, too. For if you fail to silence me, you know what I will do

HOREMHEB: What will you do, physician?

SINUHE: I will go among the people, and try to answer the questions that burden their hearts. The questions that I have asked myself all my life, wherever I've wandered in the world, and which were answered for me by a dying man (e.g. Akhnaten). I will wear the clothes of a slave, and kick the sandals from my feet, and speak to the wives as they fry their fish before their mud-huts by the river; to the porters on the docks; to the smiths by their bellows; to the slaves under their yokes. And I will say...

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